Chibo was envisioned as a one stop mobile app for finding local events around you. The mobile app was designed to show less known events like festivals, bar and restaurant specials, concerts, sporting events etc. around the user in the DFW market. The concept was developed to support the younger generation better navigate happenings around them while providing businesses in the DFW area a modern method promote their events.

Our vision is to help the public quickly navigate what is going on around them. Chibo remains a free service with the focus of serving the community. Currently Chibo is only available on the iOS platform. An android and web app version is in the works. See below link to Chibo in the app store:

Chibo during COVID-19

COVID-19’s impact on the DFW community has been substancial. Unemployment rates are at an all-time high as many businesses remain shut down due to the pandemic. This is causing the morale of the community to be at an all-time low. Amongst others, the most affected people in the community are service workers. Being so Chibo is being refocused to help this important sector get back on their feet.

We want the experience of finding new employment opportunities to be quick and simple.

Chibo has listings for 100’s of job postings in the DFW area. The job postings are sorted and listed based upon the users location. Direct links to apply for each job post is provided directly in the Chibo app. A screenshot of how the listings show up on the map feature is shown below:Chibo difference

The distinguishing feature of Chibo is that job postings are centered around the user. The Chibo anchors on the map feature show jobs based on your current location. This will allow the user to pick a job posting that is convenient to them. From here our application has hyperlinks that takes the job seeker directly to the job posting website. Statistics show that service workers are the people who are most impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. We at Chibo think that there is no better way to serve than by helping those who serve us every day.


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